Four Christmas Carols
by Brian Brock

The Time of the Lord

my baby Jesus in manger sleeping
already keeping the world in your heart

O Mary mother breathing in rhythm
already living in His loving heart

shepherds and sheep
softly sing the measure he taught in holy word
gathered angels sing in the time of the Lord

sun moon and stars
turning in the heavens were wrought by holy word
we gather to sing in the time of the Lord

On Christmas Eve

in darkest winter night
still shines a tiny light
in hearts which sleeping lie
on Christmas Eve

though covered by the snow
and flick'ring in the cold
still hearts in hiding glow
who do believe

the wind may creak and shout
our candles won't go out
we do not fear
who do believe

for through the troubled land
a kind and holy man
brings all good cheer
on Christmas Eve

Promising Christmas to Keep

snow in the fields in the starlight midwinter
sparkles on harvest unreap't
mother reads letters which father has sent her
promising Christmas to keep

he roams a field where the winter is warmer
fire can fly through the air
blanket and straw are the travellers' comfort
hearts rest in Jesus's care

the moon will come rising and all the clouds clearing
the night sky may brightly reveal
on the ridge looming a lantern appearing
like a little bell hoping with God's love to peal

sister delighting and in the night singing
mother would silently weep
I see our father, such presents he's bringing
promising Christmas with God's love to keep

Under the Sparkling Tree

I creaked down the steps
in the middle of the night
to place a pretty present
under the sparkling tree

I looked upon the hearth
at the cookies on the plate
to see a little mousie
blinking back at me

I listened through the calm
in the quiet of the dark
to hear a gentle breathing
pulsing rapidly

I tiptoed to the tree
by the window in the East
to place a pretty present
under the sparkling tree