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Poem Habit / habit poem

Poem Habit

from the modulated momentum of time the moment forms
complexity paces a project

a complex project is a system of simpler projects
simple projects collect into modular complexes

"project" - a set of behaviors assigned a label-word ("poem", ...)
"habit" - also a set of behaviors assigned a label-word ("poem", ...)

a habit is a project not identified as comprising the signature complex
a project is a habit modularly collected into the moment

habits form into project complexes as signs of the behaver
projects form out of habitual behaviors as time-modulation modules

this poem has humored how projects and habits
combine to form these moments of our lives

habit poem

                Slate skree scatters beneath
                                the boulder's brute smashness! -
On high they howl,
                seeing aieeing strangers
                                struggling out below -
                triumphant blasting dust disaster breaths
cloud the spraying pebble.

Earth heart strod the dusky treetops,
                                they choke in waning light,
                must merely watch,
                                                and faintly,
                                the huddled stragglers wait,
                debate the merits of their fates,
                                denounce the sun...
                                                                and die -
                                                and they die too,
                a stranger to themself,
they struggle out below. -
                                The settling dust becomes a boulder
                                                                beckoning at the brink -

Brian Brock
Ides 2023

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