a cassingle by Brian Brock
Laveen, Ariz., December 2019

> The Permafrost is Melting

> Jackrabbit

> Far Away (2018 outtake)

> One Fine Morning (original 2013 version)

no lyrics


the permafrost is melting
and as it melts the frozen underground dormant organisms
will come to life
the animals the ancients fought and buried in the snow
the deadly fever and the sickening creeping chills
secret thoughts whispered into settling fog
and they themselves their souls trapped in the heaving hills

the permafrost is melting
it was cooling then, as an evening falls
the word like a nightlight flickered open
made into flesh and electricity
and soon they will arise
the old ones, the ancient suffering spirits in the dark
the never-written people in the shadows of the soil
will rise and ask us for a name

the permafrost is melting
the permafrost is melting


Jackrabbit jackrabbit
Walking alone outside my kitchen window
Gentle stepping, no hopping
Earfur alight in the desert gold morning sun
No coyotes, no no no please
Leave alone this funny fellow
Under the mesquite trees
Rabbit can almost reach the beans
Jackrabbit jackrabbit jackrabbit
Once a horse fed in this poor field
Eating from my mesquite trees
Jackrabbit jackrabbit

Far Away

Unsettled thoughts of persons long ago
Are tapping on the glass between the lines
A number under name beneath the glass
A word beneath a word beneath a name
Beneath the nearest feeling impulse burns
A sentence of a sentence in the heart

A heart beneath the thoughts unbeaten still
Controls the manifesting of the mind
The sinews of the nervous system taut
To pull against the deeping of the light
To push into the ether in a sign
Entwining in the lines between the minds

One Fine Morning

One Fine Morning
Does' eyes glint wet
It's yours
It's handed down
Whether your sore soles feel like walking
Sticks and mud