> five short prayers

songs by brian brock summer 2020

winter trickling
slush bus
nightfall, mountainside
in the quiet time after awkward conversation

no lyrics

winter trickling, dry creekbed, crackle ice
under boot feet, crunching afternoon
oak leafs held holy, brown and brittle, fallen frozen
like two butterflies puddling


slush bus, tread names
corner tracks diverge, step foot
follow the snowmelt
climb through the broken grate
sit on a step in the shadows
watching the rills
all the traffic drones

late again today


nightfall, mountainside hiker
headlamp circle flits, rock-hides, peers a moment into dark
we marvelled at the moonrise overhill


tree-flickering sunshine driving north
bicycle flashing red crashing fathers forth
situation control, hide what's underneath me
words matter, not believing
no sir, no sir, not very much sir
I respect your profession, yes sir, yes
how can I help you do your job best?


in the quiet time after awkward conversation
you were so beautiful in your movements from tension to calm
in the quiet time
after awkward conversation