love- and logicsongs


1. rare birds      -- 22 november 2014

ice cracks cross the window into your home
turned pale orange flickering the eyes on the wall
birdsong stuck in summer

put things away
touch each one
warm in the drawer

love is not a common thing
rare birds set down on a branch one day
sing quiet with one voice

coals drift into themselves
let them settle down
settle down
settle down

2. santa clara clarita      -- 01 february 2015

she lives in this house over there
with dogs and wildflowers
drags her wagon down the grocery store street
she knows noone but herself, and she's not telling

he sits on the bench with his pencil scratch scratch scratch
words like irons' hot steam
watch the world wheeling by
watch the world rattle by

today is her birthday, she's got her apple dress on
there's a lilt in her step, and no wagon
it's his birthday too, he's got his apple dress on
leaning back with eyes shut

3. home from fantastic voyage      -- 12 may 2015

home from fantastic voyage
same old rats
same old cupboards
just dusty

4. potato rainbow      -- 15 august 2015

5. lorna      -- 11 october 2015

6. gillespie dam      -- 22 february 2016

washed out, gillespie dam stands hulking
arching concrete scrawled with charred branches
i'll protect this place, fight dogs and desperadoes
since my friends, it seems, all fear me

7. why is the origin of light so dark?      -- 27 february 2016

i consider a tree
lightning too
run tree run
i love you
here comes the sun
grow tree grow
you soon will die
i soon will know

why do we try
to live alone?
oh hollow tree
make you my home

8. it's like darkness      -- 11 march 2016

it's like darkness in the windows hanging on the wall of your childhood home
darkness in blinking eyes
darkness in a sky that was light just an hour ago
words hanging in air hanging in space hanging in time
i feel out there when i reach my hands out
i feel it's like cotton and thunder and wavering eyes
it's like darkness in the rut of a wagon wheel on an old old trail going where no no wheel's rolling on
it's like darkness

9. i'll speak to you someday - restless dirt      -- 18 march 2016

I'll speak to you someday in mountain air
with morning-gilded snow-tipt overseers
you are the home of my heart that beaten unbeaten beating thing
I carry like a lantern whose beam I followed there
whose dark I must ignore

these trees the golden fading into green
swaying wind-whisped cracking count the years
when the words come, will they say
the weak and whining plaintive pleading loneliness
of leaves left crackling into dust on the fading forest floor?

the golden sun carressing crags returns
wistful roots of stone let go their fears
your silence is the silence of the dead
the never-born the deep and undisturbed
unhearing hidden hot and heaving earth of person in its core

thunder cut my night-time reverie
bewet my fire with lightning cold and tears

the restless dirt and ache of matted fur
entanglements with life's past forest floors
sedimented choices taken when unsure
dark and vanishing hallway of unopened doors

10. William Blake - The Golden Net      -- 2 april 2016

11. constant companion      -- 5 april 2016

12. the trouble you make me do      -- 11 april 2016

13. living in desert time      -- 15 february 2015 and 6 october 2016

color-faded cactus flowers scatter, creek-water rock-ripples shine
earth armor ridges beckon, make a heart-weak cripple climb
jumping cholla touches dog-paw, hear her aching miserable crying
hackberry sunset, limping home in shaky triple time

freeway brake lights blinding, just another vehicle fire
downtown people dress up, fess up, just another tricky liar
I trust my true love that she loves me, the rest are fickle mimes
edge of asphalt edge of gravel, walk the dark dark miracle mile

I'll believe into the superstitions, an honest friend was never mine
the stars don't twinkle with my eyes shut, they strike a pleasant chime
I held a piece of wind once, and within a feather flying
I can't count the hours for years, I'm living in desert time

half-dead junipers hold the hillside, nighttime dies that day survives
up scree scrambling stay in place, kick up dust in paradise
I found a flower in an empty puddle, a sad face with caring eyes
across the holler 'yotees howl, the all-consumed-with-daring die

mother nature doesn't hear me, caught up in mumbled nursery rhymes
too young to notice a cool stare, too old to watch for worsening times
the dead or dying quicken prayerful, hope to be the first in line
the roads are flooded, drown the engine, walk back rainstorm blurring eyes

blood of Christ electric pain, the heart can't lift a heavy mind
sky collapses into dust, God almighty weather fine
the wind can't wait for the weak, oh well it's just when heaven sighs
preachers stay up wakeful, fearful, I'm living in desert time

death-holy desert holly wavers, sharp and dry and bleak and white
Eureka dunes drone aching tunes, singing sinking ankle high
Joshua knows the joke's on him, still waits as winter takes its time
feetprint 'roo rats prowl the lowlands, ogres roam the Racetrack Playa

Badwater road as straight as hell, killer turn every eighty miles
hot dog spinach wonderbread, Do Say Think and Make me try
a taste can end a week of fasting, a life of love in a day denied
epiphanies are disasters, all sacred revelations die

what if the wilderness never leaves? what if heartbreak never hides?
what of old wives lost wandering in grief? what if evil men survive?
what of the searching eyes which without trying mesmerize?
what if I'm not of this world? what if I'm living in desert time?

brian brock november 2014 - october 2016