The Carnation
by Francis Ponge

The Carnation, Preface
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The Carnation 1-6

The Carnation, 7-14

The Carnation, 15

Lee Fahnestock translation, from her collection of Ponge poems, Vegetation.
A reading-aloud with guitar and song, March 4th 2016, Brian Brock

"The Stem of this Magnificent Hero" music photo-video presentation.

Oh Sweet Spontaneous
- a compilation of music from The Carnation, in Just-, The Lamb, I Never Saw a Moor

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("conceive a man,should he have anything")

Friederich Nietzsche - The Gay Science (2020)
    Book 4, 276-289
    Book 5, 343-347
    Book 5, 364-370
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Tao Te Ching chapters 1-8 (2014)

The Carnation, Preface