Oh Sweet Spontaneous

Oh Sweet Spontaneous
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The Carnation
text by Francis Ponge
contrast it to calm rounded flowers
a stem tip
breathing them in
for se deboutonner
and naturally everything is movement
opening out of a pliable knob of leaves
paper frill
beacon in a buttonhole
at the tip of its slim green bamboo stem
the stem of this magnificent hero     (video)
at the tip of a vigorous stalk
O rent into OE

Oh sweet spontaneous (Cummings)
the cambridge ladies (Cummings)
when god lets my body be (Cummings)
it may not always be so; and I say (Cummings)
spring is like a perhaps hand (Cummings)
memory hither come (Blake)
the lamb (Blake)
I had been hungry (Dickinson)

improvisations on texts by Ponge, Cummings, Blake, and Dickinson

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